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Small Business Owners: We are ready for the fight now

Small Business Owners: We are ready for the fight now

It was shocking and unexpected when the lockdown announced in the latter days of March. The small business owners were not ready to take this shut down procedure the market crashed, companies stopped functioning. The type of companies that are affected is the small businesses, as the companies run in a slight profit margin and, there is no much capital involved in the functioning.

The recent survey with the small business owners revealed 75%, are ready to fight against any similar situation in the future. The pandemic was a lesson learned for the small business and changed the planning strategy of the company for the future.

More than 30% of the small business announced permanent work from home for the employees. It digitalization and using advanced technology is for the betterment then, why not? Most of the companies have adopted the change and working with the changing environment. Below are a few points to remember moving forward:

  1. Prepare for the worst and get yourselves and your company ready for any breakdown in the future.
  2. Get the company equipped with the latest technology that will help and support work from home as well as office functionality.
  3. Employees need to be well trained and, upgraded in the IT skills to cope with the change
  4. Keep separate fund allocated for emergency
  5. Get your company well equipped with security measures to protect from hackers and cybercriminals to protect your data.

Many of the companies twisted their business model and, online marketing and digital media are gaining more traction than ever before. We have seen many companies are partnering with each other to help run the business in a better way possible. The local people have supported the situation in a better way by helping the small businesses.

The pandemic situation is continuing for another couple of months, and moving forward with safety measures. The small business is all set to function. The advanced technologies are the future to help the businesses run successfully.

If the organization is ready to offer the work from home and if your business structure permits you to follow the distance working option, then be kind to proceed accordingly. PP loan, tech giants funding, free online tools, and many more are in favor of the small business that contributes the most in the GDP and lets us make the best use of the same and keep the business functioning.

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