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SSA agents from Trump’s rally asked to self-quarantine

SSA agents from Trump’s rally asked to self-quarantine

June 25, 2020: Two Trump’s staffers positive after the rally at Tulsa on Saturday last week. The Secret Service Agents (SSA) who were present in the rally are instructed to be in self-quarantine.

Initially, the health officials warned not to host such a big audience owing to the current situation and the corona fear. However, the event conducted with a presence of over 6,000 people with masks and precautions in the BOK Center. That has a capacity of over 19,000+. Social distancing and mask rules were followed, people did gather to listen to Trump on Saturday.

 The special testing program is arranged for the local agents by The Secret Service office to make sure the infection due to the rally. Monday, the officials were detected positive for coronavirus and, all the officials who worked on the Tulsa rally requested to self-quarantine for 14 days.

A total of 259 cases detected in Tulsa in recent days. A record hike of 259 new cases detected on Tuesday in Tulsa that was 149 three days back.

The President is putting his law and order team at risk with such rally. According to the report Trump has used 12 times more protected trips than Obama in his tenure. The SSA addresses the request and has to protect the president as he request.

The health experts called it “risky” to have events in the current pandemic.

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