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The US military in action across DC to control the violent protests

The US military in action across DC to control the violent protests

As trump made a statement to deploy thousands of military force across the country to control the violent protests which hit to 8 straight days after the death of George Floyd. We could see military vehicles on the street with the armed military forces across the Whitehouse as the officials were able to clear the protestors.

There was news been released the force which was seen around the DC was from 18th Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg in North Carolina base. Trump threatened to use the military force if the local government doesn’t control the current situation. There was no president who used the US armed forces against the citizen since 1992 when George Bush was the president and it was the 1968 riots which were the last time DC has seen armed forces in the street against the citizens.

Uniformed forces in the district with 1200 national guards and the local troop has requested other states to provide more guard troops to control the current situation and protect the white house.

“President Trump’s decision to invoke the Insurrection Act, and his inflammatory rhetoric, proves that he cannot lead us through these tumultuous times and unite the country. Instead, he has decided to rely on the use of force to address those who he views as a threat,” Rep. Adam Smith, the chairman of the powerful House Armed Services Committee, said in a statement late Monday.

It is not something which the president has to take lightly as the use of the armed forces is not the answer to the current situation. The President spoke on a call criticizing the governors for not using forces to control the current situation and threatened to deploy the national guards and get the protestors out from the street and function normally as before.

Many made a statement stating it was a wrong decision of using US armed forces against the citizen and many also tweeted stating it would not be fair to judge how the force will be used by the President.

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