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Protestors deny the Curfew the clashes with police officers slowed down

Protestors deny the Curfew the clashes with police officers slowed down

The high intense and criticized episode from Trump has made the people across the country in a confused and tense state. The protestors continued to return to the streets irrespective of Trump’s statement and calling the military forces to protect and using forces to stop the looting and violent protest is not the right action. The protestors have not worried about the president’s statement but continued to protest and there was tear gas on the peaceful protestor which was put to create a way for the president to go to the church.

There were more than 1200 protestors in the street and defied the curfew across the states. Even though it was a peaceful protest some raised slogans some raised their voice mocking police officers.  The tension in the United States has been skyrocket now as the corona cases increase, there was an economic drop, an increase in unemployment and currently dealing with police brutality.

There were injuries all over to the protestors there were loots and many more in the past 8 days while the planned protestors stay calm and follow the peaceful protest, however, there were people who just be in the protest to loot the nearby business across the United States, there were retail stores damaged and the recent news also said about the loot of 70 luxury cars from the nearby store which is basically caused by the protestors from outside the state.

As the death of George Floyd has led to protest against the brutality of a police officer, the racism, the value of life as a citizen. The protestors look for equality and are on the streets asking for justice and equal law enforcement in the United States. The curfew or any military force on the street is never an answer for the request from the protestors.

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