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Twitch Suspends Donald Trump’s campaign account

Twitch Suspends Donald Trump’s campaign account

June 30, 2020: Twitch is one of the leading video game streaming websites that allow the advertisers to reach their audience through their website. If you want to target the youngsters, then there would not be a better platform other than Twitch after the social media giants.

Twitch recently suspended Trump’s campaign account for hate speech. Following the rules and the message within the video content, the ban is imposed on the account. The Twitch spokesperson addressed the issue stating they have violated the policy of the company and, we had to suspend the account. Recent examples given the company included the speech of 2016 addressing the Mexicans. The video had content stating the people from Mexico send more and more people with problems to the US. They are the rapist, they bring drugs to the nation and more in the video. The 2016 video was re-broadcasted using the Twitch platform to reach out to people.

The other video of Tulsa rally was in Trump address the police force and other citizens with no ground rule. This would build his followers but will increase hate within the people around them. The leading video game streamer has to lead to suspending the account for many other reasons.

Earlier this month Twitter, flagged several tweets from Donald Trump as misleading and have removed the post from Twitter warning the user. Facebook, went ahead with not taking action then but is facing the backlash now as major brands stop advertising with Facebook.

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