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Ohio started to reopen, 6 weeks back. Why is there is no increase in cases?

6 weeks ago, Ohio reopened. Why is there is no increase in cases?

June 19, 2020: As the pandemic is affecting many all the states and people are still struggling to reopen completely. The coronavirus case touches 1.7 million in the United States has warned to reopen completely and take necessary precautions to stay safe.

Ohio was the first state to reopen six months before the announcement this month. Why? How? Are the questions to be answered to understand it better.

  • The new cases report has dropped from 476-391 daily.
  • The number of people hospitalized reduced from 1069 to 513
  • Corona testing positive reduced from 10.6% to 3.9% every day.

Below are the reasons how Ohio was able to tackle the situation.

  1. Detecting in the early stage: The state has taken enough precautions by increasing the test numbers 104,257 in April to 255,030 in May and, within 2weeks, they have a test count of 154,792. Early detection of the virus spread has helped the people to get treated faster. Some have got treated at home with the medication. The state has tested all the employees of the nursing home who carry the corona in and out.
  2. Strategic Opening: The state has not allowed everything to be open in the streets. The necessary daily needs and the offices are likely to be open where the human to human interactions are less. The bars and restaurants are opened with indoor service. Pre reservation of the tables has increased by 64%, Dental clinics are opened likely and, other sports activity with less human to human touch has been opened.
  3. Stop of pre coronavirus activity: The promised mobile data has helped the state to take necessary actions. According to the mobile data, 40% of the people have spent less time in the office than usual, 58% of the people stayed home and has not come out unless it is necessary. Traffic on the roads was 46% less than last year. Maintaining social distance and stay at home order is followed by more than 75% of the people than in March.

While the state is taking a good move and setting an example for other states, that does not mean people can move without masks in the streets. The state promises to follow the rule to wear the masks and maintain social distancing to stop the spread.

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