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Breaking the bar! Hilton to lay off 22% of the white-collar jobs

Breaking the bar! Hilton to lay off 22% of the white-collar jobs

June 17, 2020: In the history of 101 years in the industry, the company has never faced such a crisis and due to the slowdown or downtime. The tourism industry crisis has forced the company to lay off 22% of the workforce. The company also made a statement to the other workers regarding the pay cut of 50% for the next 90 days.

The CEO of the Hilton group Christopher Nassetta, continue to forgo the salary till 2020. The employees who are laid off will have an opportunity to apply again when the pandemic is lifted and the company resumes its function in the coming days.

The coronavirus situation has made the travel and hospitality industry to think twice before taking any step. As many of the small hotels and restaurants have stopped functioning. The current situation does not seem to be improving and the experts suggested it would take a year to come back to the growth which the industry had in 2019.

Police Chief says there is no “cop-free” zone in Seattle.

June 17, 2020: Six-block areas near down Seattle, protestors have sealed the area referring to no police officers are allowed. The death of George Floyd has many changes in the city while police brutality has been questioned. The protesters blocked the area and name as a cop-free zone.

It was Monday and, the 911 helpline has a dozen calls from a business owner in the region requesting help as the protestors have destroyed his business in the area. John McDermott, an auto shop owner outside the CHOP zone, addressed the TV and said some people came into his shop and try to fetch money from the drawer and also tried to put fire on the building and, he called police help for 19 times and, no police turned up.

The auto shop owner finally had to give it to the protestors as they were armed with guns. 

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