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A Black man in uniform is not safe either!

A Black man in uniform is not safe either!

June 8, 2020: It was a late night after 9 pm and the firefighter just was getting into a car with full uniform, and with his radio on, two of the white policemen approached and drawn him out from the car as he just sat in the car. Terrell Paci said he was on duty and a friend of him has just come to drop food and they were just speaking to each other in the car.

More than 10,000 were arrested and even though Terrel tried to tell him that I am one among you and I am a firefighter the officer continued to check and find out whether he was armed. Hours later he said the police sergeant had come to the fire station and apologized for the same after looking at the body camera.

Mayor Jorge has stated the investigation happening around for the situation and would have the video shortly once the investigation is completed. Firefighters have a lot to the citizen and it was really bad of police officers taking this action with Terrel. Derek the president of PFU posted on twitter “this situation makes clear that even in uniform, a young black man is not immune from the impact of systemic, institutional racism.”

While the protest and the citizens are trying to implement the change in the police system and it makes us believe that there are a lot more changes to be done a lot more work is needed within the police department. No one should go through this situation anytime in the country. The incident in Rohde Island is the reason to rethink on the racism protest again.

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