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Breaking news from the UK

Breaking news from Boris Johnson

June 23, 2020: Boris Johnson addressing the press today announced the 2-meter social distancing is be reduced to one plus shortly. Pubs, Restaurants, hair dresses are open from July 4th.

The new data from the office of National Statistics reveal that the death count is 54,000+ however, the government still sticks to the mark of 42,693. The PM said there is no doubt that we are beating the virus back. PM also thanked the citizens for using common sense and helped to protect the coronavirus spread across the nation. The weekly death is lowest of all from April and, the death count falls across all the age groups.

  1. A NO 10 spokesman announced there is no more daily press meet for the corona issue and, the data and numbers will be continuously updated on the government website. The press meet will only be called if there is any requirement with the PM   
  2. Boris Johnson also warned the Brits regarding the social distancing. The less social interaction you have lesser is the risk and, the more you open up more risk for the spread. The PM made it clear to maintain social distancing, follow the basic rules to stay safe.
  3. The PM also announced the contract works will be closed as of now. Nightclubs, gyms, bowling alleys, and soft play areas shuttered until the next announcement.
  4. The Primary and Secondary education will reopen in September
  5. Museum owners responded to PM calls and said they would work according to the guidelines and work closely with the government with necessary precautions.

Boris Johnson also said any further quarantine changes shall be focused on the safety of the public not to focus on the economy. Britain has 14 days quarantine policy for the new arrival in the country and, the PM said he is looking for air-bridge to reduce quarantine and have safe travel with less infection.

Boris responded to the question of setting up a national inquiry and study the current situation. He said yes, we have to sit and learn the situation and the drawbacks but, this is not the right time to waste the official time.


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