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The 5-key points to know from John Bolton’s interview

The 5-key points to know from John Bolton’s interview

June 23, 2020: An attorney, political commenter and, John worked with Donald Trump for the past 18 months. The much-anticipated interview with ABC news has made everyone to stand on toes to check the dirty secrets of Donald Trump. On Sunday, the National Security advisor said he would never vote his former boss in the coming election. John was involved in every security issue and, the advisor was working closely with Trump. The secrets revealed made everyone to be on shock.

John also stated the current president will be remembered as a one-term president in the future.

The interview aired before the launch of his book The Room Where it Happened. The book is focused on the Trump administration and the thoughts behind each decision.

  • John also made a point on Trump stating his unorganized leadership and the way he deals with every individual and country. He makes a statement as he would never want Trump to get reelected in the 2020 election and, he would not vote for him.
  • He said the one-term president will be forgotten and, we can overcome the current situation by choosing the right Republican.
  • He also focused on the relationship with North Korea, the spotlight was on how the Chinese president got reelected, and how did Trump play a prominent role in these consequences
  • Trump had fired Bolton last September, but he claims he resigned the post after Trump scheduled a meeting with the Taliban regarding the Afghan peace negotiation.
  • Trump has already accused Balton of making up stories however, John Bolton has come up with every point with justification in his book.

When asked about Trump’s secrets, Balton clearly states he plays a Zero dimensional chess than a game of three-dimensional chess. He just tries which plan would stick and, do a trial and error method in most of the cases.

The interview primly focused on how unorganized Trump is in the current position. Balton makes a point with the uncertainty of decision stating Trump has no plan for today, tomorrow, or a week after or not even a month. He is talented with just reacting to the situation and, the thoughts change from the one in lunch and, he has the immense talent to change his decision every hour.


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