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California re-impose shutdowns as the death toll increase by 35% and, cases increase by 50K every day

California re-impose shutdowns as the death toll increase by 35%

July 2, 2020: The drastic increase in the coronavirus cases in the United States forced California to shut down again. The death count in the country is increased by 35% than last week. The coronavirus has an impact on the race relation, African American has increased rate of 40% across the country.

Wednesday the count crossed 5o,ooo mark for the first time in the United States. There would be multiple reasons behind the increase in the cases. Some expect it is due to the protest happening across the country. Some experts also mentioned the states have re-opened too early.

Texas, Georgia, Arizona reported the highest in corona cases and death tolls from March to date this week. The WHO warns the country with an increase in the cases and the United States is still at the peak recording the highest cases in the world.

Hospitalization in California has increased by 45% in the past two weeks. With a population of over 40 million and 19 counties in the state, death count increased by 35% and, infected cases increased by 53% in the last two weeks. Necessary measures are taken by the government with the following rules:

  • Restaurant, movie theaters, sports, and other social gathering are shutdown
  • State beaches will remain open on July 4th. However, with the necessary measure of social distancing and, no parking will be allocated.
  • Bars, Pubs, Partying places to remain close
  • Fireworks in Los Angeles and San Francisco is called-off and requesting for other counties to follow the same for July fourth

Six-months down the line fighting against the coronavirus the country is facing problems. The survey with the Nurse Associations said 45% of the time they find a shortage of equipment. Nurses are asked to reuse the equipment as guided by the superiors. Arbitrary and irrational is what been said by the Gym owners for re-opening the Gym. Hospitalization has increased in 12 states with over 140 counties in the spotlight.

There are more than 87,000 deaths in the United States that are not recorded as the expert says they did not find the symptoms of coronavirus and, the death can be for other reasons. With the increase in cases and death rates across the country, we hope for a better tomorrow by taking necessary measures now.

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