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Tesla is now the most valuable car company in the world

Tesla is now the most valuable car company in the world

July 2, 2020: Tesla has now valuated a total of $208 billion on Wednesday. This makes Tesla the most valuable car company in the world ahead of Toyota. Tesla stands on top of the competitors as well Toyota – $203 billion, Volkswagen – $74 billion, Honda -$46 billion, BMW – $41 billion, Ferrari – $32 billion, Ford – $24 billion, Fiat – $20 billion.

How did Tesla become the most valuable car company? 

  • The stock price hit more than $1000 for the first time
  • The stock price increased by 110% in Q2
  • Investors are focusing on the future and looking forward to the electric cars
  • Record high stock price of $1,135 per share on Wednesday
  • The company shares more than doubled in the year 2020
  • The investor’s enthusiasm is from Retail and institutional investment

With Tesla stock price increase by 110% only in the second quarter, the co-founder and CEO Elon Musk doubled his net worth from $24 billion to $46 billion. 

Tesla is valued the most but, it still behind in many points from the Japanese carmaker. The Tesla promised to manufacture 103,000 cars in the first two quarters whereas Toyota has manufactured 2.3 million vehicles in the two quarters. The future is an electric car, the investor’s interests are on future technology. Toyota Enterprise value is $290 billion whereas it is $252 billion for Tesla. 

Expert investors say the stock is overpriced and to be cautious with the under performed stock. Many investors are ignoring the risk of running a car company and thinking it equal to a Tech company.      

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