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COVID19- California recorded the fastest ever increase in cases in the first week of November

COVID19- California recorded the fastest ever increase in cases

November 17, 2020: The first week of November has been challenging for many states in the United States. California alone saw a spike of more than 50% in the first seven days of November. Experts are still in the discussion of whether this is the great third surge for the United States.

The highest percentage of cases increased in California at the beginning where we saw an increase of 39.2% in mid-June. November 1-7 the state saw an increase in the number of cases by 51.3% that is the highest ever by any state in the United States from the last 7 months.

Governor Gavin Newsom said the cases are increasing across the state drastically among every age group across the demographic.

Because of the increase in the number of cases counties, Ventura, Santa Clara, and Alameda has to shut down and go backward where the state may move to shut down on a serious charge to stop the spread of the virus.

Indoor dining, bars, gyms, and religious institution will be shut down for precaution. State Health Secretary Mark Ghaly warned the residents not to gather indoors in other households and take necessary measures to stop the spread of the virus.

Newsom said the state is not in danger as there are more than 180 million n95 masks and additional 1800 beds in 11 surge centers across the state. The state is with the precautions and has to work on restricting the spread by wearing a mask, washing hands, and maintaining social distancing.

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