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COVID19 vaccine: Pfizer to test the vaccine in four states

COVID19 vaccine: Pfizer to test the vaccine in four states

November 18, 2020: Pfizer is testing its vaccine delivery in Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, and New Mexico. The pre-test is to analyze the situation to deliver the vaccine as it needs to be stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius.

As the recent report suggested 90% effectiveness to prevent the virus spread, Pfizer and BioNTech are promising a safe future in the forthcoming days.              The chosen states will not receive the vaccine before the other state. However, the states are chosen to study the conditions for vaccine distribution. The company also looks into population diversity, immunization infrastructure, and different urban and rural settings.

Many claims that the pandemic which has taken 250,000+ lives in the United States and more than a million lives across the world will come to an end. This consideration was raised once Moderna announced their vaccine to be 94.5% effective. The FDA was ready to accept even if the vaccine is 50% effective in the early stages. There is still uncertainty with the vaccine performance and, are waiting for the final trial results.

Distribution of vaccine will be the next task every country will face in the coming days. While Pfizer vaccine needs -70 degree Celsius and the vaccine from Moderna need -20 degree Celsius. The transport and logistics expenses will decide the final cost of the vaccine.

While the COVID19 virus cannot be controlled or set an endpoint just with the vaccine because if the public does not take precautionary measures then no vaccine would support the stop of the virus.

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