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COVID19: The US records the highest cases since August

Pfizer’s COVID19 vaccine shown 90% effectiveness in early findings

November 12, 2020: The pandemic continues and, the United States count is skyrocket. As the number of cases increases every day, and the death rate touches with an average of 1000/ day. Wednesday was recorded as the deadliest day since August as the hospitalization count increased drastically. Total death of 1,412 recorded on Wednesday that is the highest in the last three months after 1,519 on August 12. As the celebration, protest for the Presidential election continues.

The seven-day rolling death rate has increased to 1034 as of today. The first time the count has crossed 1000 since August 21. The weather seems to be colder than average from next week if the death rate increase at the same rate then, the United States will hit the highest of all time in the pandemic.

We just saw record high hospitalization on Monday with a count of 61,694 and, the count for Wednesday is 65,368. The number of people hospitalized crossed 65,000 for the first time since the pandemic. The total cases registered on Wednesday rose to 144,270 which just broke the record that was set a day before.

“The velocity of the rise in Covid hospitalizations is perhaps the most ominous observation from the recent trends portending perhaps a long and tragic period of high and rising deaths despite the recent advances in care,” former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said Tuesday night.

47 of 50 states in the United States are out of control in the Coronavirus control. That covers over 99% of the population in the United States. Many states in the US are running short of intensive care units and, home treatment and telehealth solutions are making an impact in the health care industry.

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