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Pennsylvania judge favors Trump's campaign

Pennsylvania judge favors Trump's campaign

November 13, 2020: A Pennsylvania judged favored Trump and ordered the state not to count mail ballots that were missing proof of identification during the extended time. Also, the ruling will not impact and will not change Joe Biden’s win in the state.

The Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign managers filed a case against the Secretary of Pennsylvania to extend the time so that voters can provide proof of identification that was missing in many of the emails.

The Pennsylvania court has ordered to separate the ballet with counts that were received during the extended time and, present in the court.

In a ruling Thursday, Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt said Boockvar “lacked statutory authority” to change the deadline, and said election officials are “enjoined from counting any ballots” that were cured during the extended deadline.

Since the ballots are already segregated, and the counts are not included in the current counts, this will not affect Joe Biden’s win in the state. The count will be disclosed separately after it is finalized.

It is still unclear on the number of votes received without the identification however, the expert reveals it would not change the decision. The county of Pennsylvania had only 1200 voters with the identification issue. 53,580 is the number of votes Biden received more than Trump in Pennsylvania and, this will not affect the win in the state.

There is several lawsuits which the Trump campaign and the Republican have made which is under consideration but, no major impact on the results.

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