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How did Elon Musk act as a leader to be the most valued automobile company?

How did Musk lead Tesla to be the most valuable automobile company?

For many years the automobile industry was not focused as there were new players as the tech companies to compete and, the automobile giants like GM, Ford, Daimler lead the industry with ease till 1999. The concept of the electric car was into action in 2000, even though the electric car was the new concept none of the big giants seemed to be interested in the production.

Elon Musk responded as the leader in this situation to come up with the new cars which run only on battery. Listed are few points Elon Musk focused on to be successful today in the automobile industry.

  •  A leader always grabs the opportunity that is there in the market. Musk understood that other companies have not taken any step towards producing electric cars.
  •  Musk changed the concept of a green environment with car manufacturers. Companies focused on producing high-speed cars with better horsepower and, they thought with the battery car, this is not something which they can achieve.
  •  As a leader, Elon Musk looked into the future of the company. The increase in pollution will force the companies to go with an electric car and avoid the diesel and petrol engine production.
  • As a technology expert Elon always focused on inventing new technologies and focusing on advancement in the technologies used in the automobile industry. The early adoption of technology leads the company to the next level in competition as well as success.
  •  A leader focuses on early adopters when it comes to innovation. The early adoption of this technology has to lead the company to be a trailblazer and leading providers as other companies compete with them in the production.

The company was said to be the most valuable company in the automobile industry surpassing Ford recently. Even though the production count is much lesser than Ford, Tesla still ranks 1 in the value of the company. The current situation has paused the production of many automobile giants as the pandemic situation costing them high. As they recently stepped into the production of electric cars, the operation cost will be high. However, as Tesla already leading the market and invested much earlier, the production will not affect much.

As a leader, the future thinking and steps you take for the company to play an important role, and working on the expertise is the key point. Elon Musk employed in PayPal as a technical executive that made him work and expertise on the technical aspect within the automobile industry.

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