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Jeff Bezos sells Amazon shares worth $3.1 Billion

Jeff Bezos sells Amazon shares worth $3.1 Billions

August 6, 2020: In the first few days of August Jeff sells Amazon shares worth $3.1 billion yesterday. Jeff remains the richest person in the world after the sale the CEO takes home $2.4 billion post taxation.

His largest sell in the recent past was worth $1.7 Billion in the month of February this year. His net worth is $188 Billion+ and, this is the highest sell from Jeff in recent days.

The reason behind the sale is still unclear. In 2017, Jeff stated at a space conference that he will be selling $1 Billion worth share every year to fund Blue Origin, his space exploration company.

There were other commitments in 2018, where he committed a total of $2.8 billion to fund the organization supporting homeless families and building a network for preschool education. Bezos also promised a $10 billion pledge towards the Bezos earth foundation focusing on climate change.

While the information is still unclear about the reason behind the sale. However, the announcement of selling the shares was seen immediately after Bezos was testified before congress, as a part of an antitrust investigation.

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