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Juneteenth is the next step to support Black Life Matters in Corporate world!

Juneteenth is the next step to support BLM in Corporate world!

Juneteenth is June, nineteenth is called, as Freedom Day. Many corporate organizations have decided to announce June 19th as a holiday supporting the Black Life Matter protest. June 19th, 1865 general Gorden Granger read the federal order in Texas referring, to free from slave action.

Juneteenth is an important movement in the United State’s history as it was the end of the slave. However, the country still sees the difference in the color and racism practiced. The corporate companies are taking action to address this movement of Black Life Matter by announcing June 19th as an official holiday in their organization. The death of George Floyd has made a difference in people’s mind we see a greater responsibility people have taken to fight against racism. Police brutality, white dominance, and inequality is the prime focus today.

Target, Nike, Twitter, Square, and many more companies have announced the corporate holiday and, this will help others to make decisions and support the black people within the organization. It would be an impactful way to create a history in the United States referring to black life and addressing and supporting the change across the world.

People tend to portray themselves as color blind, where they do not see the importance and try to ignore the current discrimination. There are many ways to have a better working environment supporting the black employees within the organization. Having panel discussion, meeting them addressing the issue and supporting them would be some of the first steps we have to take as an organization. We have to make sure the growth within the company and the people should be purely based on the talent not based on the race.

The steps on equality and avoid discrimination is the next move and, corporate companies take bigger role to play and support in the change.

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