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Learning and Development technologies the CEO should know

Learning and Development technologies the CEO should know

The uncertain future is haunting us to think twice before any decision. We are not sure about how the future looks like in the coming days. How the office be in the coming days? Will the employee return to the normal office environment or continue work from home for the future. Will there be an actual office to work in the future or a virtual office. The uncertainty is increasing every day, and we are about to lead a life with this virus.

Training and Development department has a challenging role to play in the future. How do we track the productivity? How do we train the employee in the organization? The only option the HR department has is going ahead with digital learning. The technological advancement in this corporate world has not left any stone unturned with the new innovative technologies. Below listed are few companies which can be adopted to keep employees in the right direction.

InsideOut: This program is focused on the well being of the employee and focus on mental health. Here the employee gets an option to speak what they feel and, the employer would address the issue more practically. Addressing the employee’s need with examples, statistical data, research data, and giving them a detailed view on how to handle the situation. Working from home is a good option for some but not to all. Some employees may feel isolated, suffocated to be at home. The mental health of the employee plays an important role in better productivity and, speaking out and understanding their need is the first task a Training department has to do.

Guider: Mentoring is important for a fresher until the top management executive. This program is focused on training employees with effective monitoring and training. With the use of AI-driven technologies and industries leading experts, this program helps the employees monitored and trained in the right direction towards achieving the goal. A fresher need the senior executive support at the back and clarify their doubts all the time. This program help employee’s remotely working with the right mentorship and guidance to feel comfortable and achieve desired growth.

Paddle: The AI-driven talent mobility platform that helps to categorize the talent and their skills. Within the organization and present according to the need of the company. We can see a mismatch in the organization if we wrongly assign the task to people who are not experts. This creates a lag in the process and delays in reaching the target. The Ai driven platform will help to present the skills of employees who are working from home or any location. It eases the process to select the right group of employees to whom the task should be assigned.

While we move to a world with remote working culture, adopting new and advanced technologies by the companies will help in achieving the target to the next level.

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