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Netflix announced Ted Sarandos as Co-CEO

Netflix announced Ted Sarandos as Co-CEO

July 17, 2020: Ted Sarandos, the online content strategist of Netflix, announced as the Co-CEO. The announcement made after Netflix revealed the Q2 earning that showed the number of subscribers increased by 10.1million in the last three months.

Reed Hasting CEO, announced this on Thursday and was excited about having Sarandos as the Co-CEO as he plays a prominent role in the streaming platform. The time when the DVD rolled and internet streaming were launched in 2010 that has changed the entire industry. Sarandos had a prominent role in getting some great series into Netflix like Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, The Crown and Stranger Things, and many more.

The internet streaming platform is not less than film and TV programs. There were a total of 22 nominations for Oscar in 2020 from the Netflix platform. 117 Emmy nomination last fall had won 27 awards just next to HBO.

“While I saw streaming coming and pushed for it, Ted drove the revolution in our content strategy, which was way ahead of its time and has been key to our continued success,” Hastings said in a statement. “It was typical of his ability to see where the industry — and consumer tastes — are headed.”

“We’ve reinvented ourselves again and again to meet our members’ needs: from DVD to streaming, from licensing to originals, from series to film and from the U.S. to local language stories told by creators all around the world,” Sarandos said. “My journey to co-CEO of Netflix has been as a fan of great entertainment. And that’s my commitment to Netflix members going forward: to keep pushing the boundaries of what a consumer-first company can achieve for people who love stories.”

While all the film industry is hanging with the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Netflix is booming with original content and new films on the streaming platform.

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