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NYPD tackle protestors while Buffalo clash gets 2 cops suspended

NYPD confronts protestors; 2 Buffalo police officers suspended

June 5, 2020: As the protest continues and steps to the 10th day after the death of George Floyd New York police officers are seen clashing with the demonstrators in another night of protest on street and it is reported a night with the worst violence in the last 10 days.

In a video went viral a Buffalo police tried to stop a 75-year-old man by pushing him back causing him to hit his head against the ground and the elderly man was unconscious. People around screamed saying his ears are bleeding on the video which went viral in social media. The elderly man was then sent to the hospital and said to be in a stable state of health.

Immediately after this incident the two of the Buffalo police officers are suspended and proceeded to the internal investigation on the two officers.

 NY has seen the worst violence in the last 10 days after the death of George Floyd. There were more protestors on the road at late night continuing the call for justice. There was more arrest last night and the police officers seen rushing towards the protestors trying to control the situation and were arresting people for violation of curfew.

Rapper Kanye was seen in the streets of Chicago marching with the students for a protest against the Chicago Public Schools.

St Louis has been hit badly during the protest 4 police officers being shot and one retired army officer killed during the protest

Los Angeles mayor announced the lift of curfew all over the state

There were Vigils seen in

Southern California and places in Washington

All the states had put the curfew in action to avoid the looting as there was more damage created to the retail and the stores around which was shut for the corona breakdown. It is said that more loots were in the dark and the States have tried to protect them by imposing curfew at night.

It was seen a peaceful protest last night and there was no loot reported.



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