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Q2: Top 20 Dynamic European CEOs of 2023

Close to 50 percent of chief executives say that the role was “not what I expected beforehand.” This was one finding from a series of interviews we conducted recently with 20 current and former CEOs of large public companies, including Bupa, Husky Energy, Standard Chartered, ATCO, and Lloyds Banking Group. The goal was to identify some of the challenges and best practices that senior executives should consider when assuming the CEO role in businesses today.

The disconnect between the expectation and the reality of being a CEO — mentioned not only by those in numerous interviews whose tenure proved to be short and arduous but also by successful leaders — could be one reason why the median tenure of chief executive officers at S&P 500 companies was only five years at the end of 2017, down from six years in 2013. During that five-year period, more than 280 chief executives in the S&P 500 left their positions.

Various researches confirmed that most CEOs consider the transition challenging, even for seasoned industry professionals. They reference several factors that new CEOs should carefully consider: managing energy and time efficiently, establishing a clear framework for managing relationships with board members and external stakeholders, and ensuring that the right information flows up and out of the organization.

Cover Story

Creating a home, away from home | Tomer Bercoviz

Curious and ambitious, a leader, a problem solver, and creator of opportunities. Tomer Bercoviz, CEO and co-founder of the global experience living and lifestyle brand Vonder, has always been a self-starter with an entrepreneurial mind – someone who can take independent decisions and use his intuition and natural capabilities to seize opportunities. These qualities have enabled him to bring to life his vision for Vonder. The brand provides young professionals and digital nomads with a new extended stay experience within beautifully designed homes across the globe and a strong sense of belonging to a vibrant community.

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Leading with Perseverance | Alin Ioanes

Alin Ioanes, CEO of SC Rombat SA, is a leader who inspires and motivates employees, creating a positive and high-performance culture within the organization. Essential for him is to possess strong leadership skills, provide guidance, set expectations, and empower the teams to excel. Communication is a crucial aspect of Alin’s approach; he cares a lot about communication in all its aspects, especially when he needs to articulate his vision and engage stakeholders at all levels. “Other ability that I consider essential is the power to make timely and informed decisions, even in the face of ambiguity. In the current VUCA environment, is vital to take calculated risks, to drive innovation, to seize opportunities, and lead the organization towards growth and transformation,” he says.

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Improving Quality of Life | Chizuko Koseki

Chizuko Koseki, CEO of TAGCyx Biotechnologies, is fascinated seeing how some innovative biotechnologies can help and improve people’s quality of life which makes her committed to challenging convincing people for fundraising, business development, patent protection, intellectual property portfolio establishment, building team, legal agreements which are all necessary for biotech start-ups.

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Reading the Community’s Pulse | Corina J Shtir

InterOme is a digital healthcare provider that works on improving individual and clinical decisions by making complexity simple. Corina J Shtir co-founded InterOme with her husband, John Shtir, COO InterOme, who is also CEO of Dexwell, a software company that matches very well in its expertise elements needed for InterOme. Their goal was to bring together the trifecta of biology, analytics, and software development under a single umbrella. Through the company leadership, they all bring together more than 50 years of combined experience in precision medicine, custom software development, management services, and large-scale system integration.

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Offering Responsive & Transparent Services | Des Johnson

With over two decades of experience in fund administration, Des Johnson, CEO of Centaur, believes that the single most important priority in this industry is delivering exceptional client experience. He is passionate about client service and continuously strives to place it at the heart of Centaur’s service offering. Des believes this experience must run through every aspect of the business and reflect the increasing demands of clients. No less than a complete understanding of the client has become a prerequisite for successful administrators as they deliver a quality client experience that continuously evolves with their clients. “I’m honored to lead Centaur USA and am committed to accelerating our US momentum which has already experienced phenomenal growth.

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Changing the Market Dynamics with Innovation | Gerd Beilke

According to DW (Deutsche Welle radio), Germany’s most popular cooking oil comes from the seeds of a bright yellow flowering member of the Brassicaceae family. This clan also include mustard, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and turnips. Known as rapeseed oil, this light and delicate oil is widely used in cooking and baking far beyond the German border. And one company has gained momentum owing to its clean, sustainable rapeseed oil offering.

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An Ambitious Leader | Ian Talbot

“One of the promises I made myself, when I felt confident enough to lead, and a value that I cherish the most, is to genuinely question and understand the challenges either the business faces, an individual faces, or our clients face.”
Ian Talbot, CEO of Healix Health Services, stated this when asked about his dedication to his company, the employees, and customers. Ian joined Healix ten years ago as a Business Consultant. His fundamental values are all fundamentally focused on the cultural side of the business, including being genuine and open with all internal staff and externally with clients.

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Demonstrating Passion, Commitment & Infallible Pragmatism | Jonathan Ball

Jonathan Ball’s dedication to Charity is incredible, demonstrating passion, commitment, and infallible pragmatism. He has a remarkable capacity to juggle multiple issues and ego concurrently, using tremendous personal organization and sheer hard work. Jonathan Ball has grown from a small charitable trust leader with a handful of employees to a highly effective CEO of a multiservice charity with a workforce above 30. Never at any point has he seemed to be out of his depth. His leadership is fair and measured and always with the best interests of the Charity at heart. He gives support with clear direction and is willing to understand the complexities and challenges that Charity’s teams have.

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The Leader in Premium Hospitality | Spiros Divanis

The core of Divani Collection Hotels is its name and heritage. Built by Aristotle Divanis in 1958 to encourage tourism, Divani Collection Hotels are part of prominent heritage sites and vital scenic areas. Today, the Divani Collection Hotels is being led by Spiros Divanis, who has not only been mentored by the late Aristotle Divanis but also guided with the same love and passion. “I have been engaged with tourism since childhood, studying traits next to my father and working in rotation in almost every position within hotels,” says Spiros. “This inside knowledge led to my deep understanding of customer expectations and needs and how the industry works.”

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