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Supreme Court Rejects Republican Challenge to Pennsylvania Vote

Supreme Court Rejects Republican Challenge to Pennsylvania Vote

December 9, 2020 In a one-sentence order, the court refused to overturn election results that had already been certified and submitted. It was a significant setback for Trump and his allies, who have compiled a practically unbroken losing streak in courts around the nation. The court now has three justices appointed by Trump, including Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Trump and his Republican allies have lost about 50 challenges to the presidential election in the past five weeks, as judges in at least eight states have repeatedly rejected unproven claims.

Claims include that mail-in ballots were improperly sent out, absentee ballots were miscounted, poll observers avoided proper access to the vote count, and the foreign powers hacked and manipulated voting machines.

The move closes off Trump’s last remaining hopes to overturn the results of the 2020 election in court, even though some legal cases remain in the works.

Throughout the campaign and after his defeat, Trump had suggested that the Supreme Court would ultimately decide the outcome of the race, though the court has not shown any willingness to intervene.

Kelly’s suit claimed that a state law violated the Pennsylvania Constitution by providing for no-excuse mail-in voting. Along with other conservatives, Kelly asked the top court to nullify Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s certification of the state’s vote.

“No court has ever issued an order nullifying a governor’s certification of presidential election results,” they wrote.

The newest justice, Amy Coney Barrett, participated in the vote, despite Democrats repeatedly spreading “these conspiracy theories that she was put on the court to kill the ACA or steal the election” throughout her confirmation process, Turley observed.

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