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The UK government announced buying of 90 million coronavirus vaccine doses

The UK government will buy 90 million coronavirus vaccine doses.

July 20, 2020: Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant has developed a coronavirus vaccine doses that is in the trial phase. Human trial results showed a positive note as the composition of the anti-corona immune system was developed within the human bodies.

The UK government officials announced today of buying 90 million coronavirus test vaccine to help people in the United Kingdom to get vaccinated. It has also mentioned purchasing the vaccine from BioNTech and Valneva earlier today.

Initially, the UK government was ready to take over the doses created and tested by Oxford University. However, finalized to purchase the vaccine from these three pharmaceutical giants.

“Millions of people could be vaccinated against coronavirus,” the government statement said, citing the three different vaccines it has now invested in.

The vaccine comes to the market only after years of research and clinical trials. There is more than 12 vaccine in the world under the trial stage, as we wait for a result, the UK government has trusted these three pharmaceutical and are in the process of buying the vaccine suggested.

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