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Diversity Recruitment: How to hire diverse people?

Diversity Recruitment: How to hire diverse people?

The Black Life Matter campaign has hit all around the world with a large number of supporters after the death of George Floyd. We saw huge funds allocated for the Black Community, companies, and corporate world supporting the cause. We saw many social media posts, support through online channels, and newspapers.

How many of the companies did react and took action for the change? Posting in social media or any other platform is not the solution. Taking action for the cause is what people expect from each of the companies. There are only a few companies that have created this movement as an agenda in their organization and worked towards the change. As an organization if you are looking for a change in your working environment, then below are the details to take action:

– The HR in your company should be informed or warned not to ask the candidates race or any personal information and conduct the interview based on the talent.

– Create a separate platform reaching out to the black community or active groups around about the job opening. Make the diverse culture people as the target audience for the job openings in your organization.

– Do not hire people to show the world you have a diverse culture and hamper the productivity and revenue of the organization. Choose based on the capabilities and willingness to work in your company.

– Focus the company CSR activity on helping the diverse culture people around the communities and the underprivileged children.

– Identify the diverse people in your company, and if they are eligible, focus on them to make them the role model for others.

– Speak out in public about the diversity you want in the organization. The CEO is the face of an organization talk with the local people and making others realize what changes he wants in the company will make people motivated to join your company.

Some initiatives can be from the HR outsourcing companies or HR solution providers as well. The technology solutions for the Human Resource Department can add more options to join this change. There are job portals and platforms created to find the diverse people seeking for jobs. Below is the list of initiatives for the change:


  2. PDN Recruits(

  3. iHispano (

  4. Black Career Network(

  5. Black Jobs(







We look forward to a change in the company and corporate world taking action in real, not through social media posts.


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