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Unemployment increases drug-overdose deaths in the United States

Unemployment increases drug-overdose deaths in the United States

July 21, 2020: The pandemic has resulted in mass layoffs across the country. The unemployment rate was at 14.7% in April that has come down to 11% this month. The deaths due to drug overdose have drastically increased in the United States for over a decade. The unemployment and current situation are forcing people to be a situation of more frustrating and losing jobs.

According to the recent post, it is seen an increase in 18% overdose death in March, 29% in April, and 42% in May compared to last year. The all-time low rate of overdose was reported, in 2018. The current pandemic situation is making people get tensed and lose control of themselves.

Illegal drug usage has increased, and 18% of the illegal-drugs were used by the Unemployed people, 10 % from the part-time workers, 8% from the full-time worker, and 6 % with a different category of people. 

There was a record high of 70,890 overdose deaths in 2019, and experts predict the count will increase with a higher note by the end of 2020.

“An extraordinary number of people are taking opioids in one form or another and, it weighs on labor force participation, largely but not exclusively on younger males, also younger women,” Powell said while testifying before the House Financial Services Committee in July 2019. “It’s a national crisis. I mean there’s the humanitarian aspect of it is completely compelling. But the economic impact is also quite substantial.”

“Capitalizing on the opioid epidemic and prescription drug abuse in the United States, drug trafficking organizations are now sending counterfeit pills made with fentanyl in bulk to the United States for distribution,” DEA Acting Administrator Uttam Dhillon said last November. “Counterfeit pills that contain fentanyl and fentanyl-laced heroin are responsible for thousands of opioid-related deaths in the United States each year.”

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