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Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Was feeding the needy and being friendly to the police was a crime! David McAtee

McAtee | Felony to feed the poor and befriend the cops!

He was the needy he used to feed people who are in need who are in the street he used to give free food for Police officers in and around. The next to Dino Food Mart parking lot was his barbeque stand.

He was in his same routine for 2 years, he was standing by his food stand and cooking it was 12.10 am and a group of police officers came and attacked while the people behind McAtee fired bullets and in return, the police officers fired and the bullet hit McAtee to death.

Was it his fault? Was it the police officer’s fault?

The case is under federal and state investigation and the situation will be taken control after analyzing the video footages around. The police head also stated that the officers forgot to on the body camera which leads not to have a closer picture of the incident.

The neighbors said he was a community pillar and used to cook in all neighboring events 9 neighborhoods. He was 53, and his warm personality always welcomed people towards his food stand. He had a dream to open his restaurant nearby and the dream is shattered with no reason now.

George Floyd’s death has raised several protest demonstrations against police brutality and also racism in the United States. But causing damages and people losing life was never an answer.

Trump made a statement to the state government to handle the situation if he is not happy with the scenario he would take the local government in action and would control it using the army.

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