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Q1: Top 20 Dynamic European CEOs of 2023

European CEOs have learned from past financial crises and recognize that it is essential to think of new and sustainable strategies to capitalize on the opportunities.

European CEOs identify investing internally to boost operations as extremely important. Risk isn’t only about extraordinary events; day-to-day operational failures can also lead to losses, regulatory action and reductions in share prices. Operations such as finance, accounting and supply chain have emerged as the top priority area of investment for European CEOs.

Businesses need to ensure ESG processes are moved to the center of business strategy. Sustainability – including net zero and other environmental issues, as well as societal priorities – is one of the key areas that European CEOs identify as a need for more investment.

With significant movement of talented people in the Great Resignation and “quiet quitting,” CEOs understand the importance of retaining talent and upskilling them for the future. Offering people attractive career pathways, the flexibility of hybrid working, ongoing opportunities to grow and learn, and value-oriented work is essential in today’s market.

Meanwhile, for CEOs, financing will continue to be a challenge as a result of increased capital costs that will likely persist, hindering growth plans. Here are some European CEOs who are navigating these challenges and rising above all odds.

Cover Story

Assisting in Creasting Exceptional Projects | Aleš Kohoutek

Aleš Kohoutek stood at the birth of GLOCIN, and from the very beginning, he has been its main face, a visionary and driving force of the implementation team. His ability to coordinate product platform development and manage the entire company so that it is always one or two steps ahead of the current events depends primarily on his commitment, foresight, and prudence, which are key to success in business.

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Making Positive Impact | Daniel Șologon

Daniel Șologon, Cemacon’s CEO & President of the Board, is driven by the positive impact he has on those around him, and a job well done. Aimed at achieving outstanding and sustainable performance, Daniel’s leadership is a responsibility he feels deeply towards his colleagues, the shareholders who invested in the company, as well as towards the entire ecosystem of customers and suppliers.

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Delivering Happiness & Unique Solutions | Fernando Neves de Almeida

The primary motivation of Fernando Neves de Almeida, CEO of, Centrocar, is to deliver happiness. Happiness for all the company employees, meaning they should enjoy, love, feel well compensated, and be proud to work with the leader. As their business with Centrocar, happiness for the stakeholders must be profitable and repeatable in a way that we should be a reference in our sector.

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Inspiring to Think Big | Frank Schürch

Inspiring to Think Big | Frank Schürch

Frank Schürch believes it is essential not to give up if something doesn’t work out initially. Every company must adapt itself more often than a decade ago. So, one must try out things, adjust and then succeed. This is particularly important in today’s times, where the globalized market is much more volatile than before.

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Leading A Legacy| Jacques-Olivier Joncoux

It took Jacques-Olivier Joncoux five years to be ready to profoundly transform Sphering Group and adapt the organization to a new and ambitious vision. For Jacques-Olivier, it was a big responsibility to lead the family-owned French regional company that his grandfather created and instill the best technology and ideology for the greater good, at a European leading level. The pioneering leader is proud to benefit from a heritage of a hundred years of existence, engineering, and innovations.

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Inspiring with Great Ideas| Martin Vogl

Martin Vogl, Founder and CEO of YOUPLUS, is a strategizing guru because of his ability to outline and develop an idea for a future business model. He does so by onboarding and integrating others, and their creativity with the passion for contributing to this idea until a consistent and holistic strategy and concept is developed. In this planning process, Martin looks beyond daily business and encourages others to be brave and entrepreneurial.

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Dreaming Bigger| Sergio Martínez Campos

“First you learn, then you win, they say…”
Sergio Martínez Campos, CEO of Hispano Suiza, feels success is not overnight. It’s a continuous process of learning, winning, and then learning some more. Personally, Sergio is not one of those who are satisfied with the results from day to day, “when I reach a goal, I immediately set myself a new challenge that can make the team and the brand that we represent better,” he says.

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Inspiring with Energy & Enthusiasm| Steven Peleman

Apart from being the founder, Steven Peleman’s role within Triple Helix is best explained by describing his background and character. He is the engineering and business economics child of a professional trumpet player and a textile artist. He spent most of his childhood training, competing very hard as an alpine ski racer, and the remaining time working to pay for his unusual hobby (for a Belgian).

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