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Q1: Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2024 in the UK

Emotional intelligence becomes more critical as the demands for CEOs to engage in political hot-button topics mount. “You have to anticipate whether someone will have the instincts and the intestinal fortitude,” says Jane Stevenson, a vice chair at Korn Ferry who leads its global CEO succession practice. “The expectation of CEOs to take a stand—and to know when to take the stand and when to be quiet—is huge. It’s always been about who the person is. Now it’s who the person is, squared.”

The message is not to discount the value of leading the finance function but rather to supplement it with other responsibilities and C-suite roles. Bonnie Gwin, co-managing partner of the global CEO and board practice at Heidrick & Struggles, says there is demand “for CFOs who are strategic and have played really strategic thought partner roles with their CEO.”

As CEOs watch the changes unfolding in the global geopolitical order, all agree with the sentiment. What comes next? One thing is for sure: events have an uncanny way of defying the expectations of experts.

Cover Story

Leading with Commitment & Determination | Berno Stoffel

The above words are etched in Berno Stoffel’s office as a poster. These words perfectly describe Berno’s nature—100% solution-oriented and forward-thinking, always keeping the big picture in mind, always acting in the interest of the cause. Berno is a rare combination of unshakable optimism – the glass is never only half full, but always complete – the will to make and create something, to achieve goals, and the willingness to go the extra mile, always to give total commitment. In difficulties and crises, he unfolds his full strength. He always goes “ALL IN”; tasks are solved fully and never half-heartedly.

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Making Your Office A Safer Space | Brij Thankey

The CEO of PrecisionFM Brij Thankey sees himself more as a Charioteer than a traditional CEO – a driver navigating the FM landscape, with his team in the cabin encouraging and propelling him forward. It’s a unique take on FM and it’s what marks this young company as different in the marketplace

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Inspiring to Think Big | Frank Schürch

Frank Schürch believes it is essential not to give up if something doesn’t work out initially. Every company must adapt itself more often than a decade ago. So, one must try out things, adjust and then succeed. This is particularly important in today’s times, where the globalized market is much more volatile than before. “It is crucial to have a long-term vision, a clear mission statement and strategies which are subject to changes if necessary.

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Extending the Life of Critical Electrical Assets | Jim Fairbairn

Jim Fairbairn arrived at Megger as CEO in late 2017, joining an eponymous market leader that needed a refreshed and more compelling longer-term vision. Although the company was number one in many of its products and applications and had a dedicated and passionate workforce, a new strategic direction would allow the business to further its leading position and stay relevant in the medium and long term. In the last few years the company has completely refreshed its strategy and completed multiple acquisitions that has enabled it to embrace on-line automated monitoring and diagnostics in electrical power test and measurement.

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Pioneering Underlay Manufacturer | John Cooper

The approach of John Cooper, CEO of Interfloor has been to build a team of exceptional senior managers and then to create the environment where they can perform to the best of their abilities. He instills a customer centric culture, breaks down departmental “silos”, fosters a “can do, will do” approach, and creates an open and honest atmosphere where problems are shared and solutions delivered. “Driving innovation throughout the company and the marketplace has been key when setting ourselves apart from our competitors.

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Rebuilding Lives of Millions | Mark Goodway

On a Sunday morning in the summer of 2010, Mark Goodway was on his way to the church when he stopped at the traffic lights and noticed an elderly homeless gentleman to his left lying on the pavement motionless. He was dressed in jacket, tie, and shirt. Admittedly, all had seen much better days, but Mark felt it was an admirable attempt to retain at least some degree of dignity in the face of such humiliation.

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Helping Patients Find Faster Diagnosis | Miranda Mapleton

Miranda Mapleton started White Swan in 2016—a reg-istered charity with a mission to improve the health of society using technology and analytics, to accelerate diagnosis and improve the effectiveness of treatment. Miranda’s vision, drive, and ability to engage others and create clarity from ambiguity have been key to becoming the global organization it is today, powered by over 130 volunteers in addition to its employees, Trustees, and Clinical Advisory Board.

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The Technology Expert | Tarcisio Vergani

Tarcisio Vergani, President & Group CEO at N-and Group, is a visionary leader and wanted to introduce ‘future proofed’ technology in the market to allow consumers to have a unique and dynamic experience when buying products from an automatic machine.

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