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Q1: Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of Canada 2023

Many CEOs that McKinsey research have spoken with have been positively surprised that bringing more of themselves into the workplace has created connection and motivation. Says Steve Collis, CEO of AmerisourceBergen, “One of the smartest things that we did the very first week was to set up a daily executive-management meeting at 5:00 p.m. That’s important from a decision-making point of view, but it’s even more important for touching base and showing empathy. We’re now in each other’s homes—you’re seeing my study, and we’ve met each other’s families. I asked all my direct reports, ‘Is there someone who wants me to reach out to someone who’s doing a great job or someone who’s struggling? Maybe someone who has a relative with COVID-19?’ Sometimes all that’s needed is a word of encouragement to show you care. It’s been a great gift to be able to do that for the people in AmerisourceBergen.”

Here are some CEOs who have made brilliant transformations in leading and also guiding.

Cover Story

Positively Impacting Lives | Melissa Jones

When working in an office with multiple personalities trying to work as one to get the big (and the little) things done, nothing is more important than patience and positivity. Even an unrivaled work ethic won’t get one too far without these things. Leading a team and juggling these variables, along with trying to be the example that a leader wishes their team to strive for, all while doing so with fairness and kind assertion, is a tricky art and a constant work in progress for any great leader.

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A Force of Strength & Intention | Amanda Johnson

Amanda’s leadership throughout her tenure at Beacon is seen in every aspect of the organization — not just the strategic focus one would expect from a CEO, but a hands-on style of leadership—overseeing the implementation of new software systems, service lines and championing the recent renovation and workflow of Beacon’s new 25,000 square feet headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska.

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The Transformative Solution Provider | Ben Thompson

Tridon Communications, founded in 1981 and currently led by Ben Thompson, CEO, Chad Tomachefski, CGO, and Greg Tolson, COO, is western Canada’s leading Telecommunications System Integrator (TSI). Tridon aims to address all aspects of telecommunication system requirements, including PTT land mobile radio, fiber optics, structured cable, access control, PTP wireless and microwave, tower construction and maintenance, cyber security, and more.

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A Fearless Leader | Garcia Hanson-Francis

Garcia Hanson-Francis is the owner of CADJPro Payroll Solutions. A business payroll, virtual outsourcing, and bookkeeping business. Garcia recently joined BACD’s Expert Network, and as such, we want to share their expertise with you. Her qualities include problem-solving, proficiency with industry software, communication with clients and employees.

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Transforming The Real Estate Arena | Jeff King

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) is a member-based professional association of 15,000 REALTORS® and their companies who live and work in communities from Whistler to Maple Ridge to Tsawwassen and throughout the Metro Vancouver area.
Jeff King is the CEO of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. He has extensive experience in strategy, innovation, licensing, distribution, and corporate planning, most recently serving as COO for The Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN).

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Creating Health, Happiness & Community Cohesion | Joan Kanigan

Joan Kanigan, CEO of the Western Development Museum (WDM), took an extraordinarily unique yet bold step as a leader in 2021. She initiated a 360o Performance Assessment to better understand how she was performing and where she needed to improve—all through an honest and critical feedback system to know where she was standing as a leader and a manager.

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Leading with Determination & Commitment | Mitch McDermid

When Mitch McDermid launched Innovana, he had an evident vision of what he wanted the company to look like and what it could offer that was different from existing IT services and consulting firms. There was a clear need for a cloud-based services and business automation solutions provider that would address the needs of SMBs both from a pricing and service standpoint in Canada.

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Skyreach reach the Sky | Saylor Huang

Regardless of what, why, and where you lead, you—as the leader—are directly responsible for engaging those who follow you. And engagement is assisted by your culture, which you are also responsible for as a leader. This is why leaders must set the right tone for the organization—engagement, culture, and the employee experience.

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A Strategic Innovator | Suyi Erhabor

Suyi Erhabor, CEO, Curaga, has been crucial to the creation and transformation of Curaga from a small business to a multimillion-dollar corporation in Ontario. Suyi treats each employee as a valued individual and takes the time to understand what motivates them. Being a steadfast leader, he remains accessible to all his staff, and they ensure to reach him directly when there is a problem and to share stories of success.

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An Encouraging Leader | Tersia Maritz

In today’s time, empowering employees to make decisions and take action is essential. Involving employees in co-creating with the people close to the project, which requires trust and transparency, can make a massive difference in employees’ morale. Collaborative leadership values openness and communication, encourages motivation, and treats all team members respectfully.

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