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Q2: Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2023 USA Edition

As disruption drives change on virtually every front, leaders have to keep their heads up. They must respond to threats strategically and pick their battles wisely. To prepare, executives must try to predict the future. Is a global recession around the corner? Will easing pandemic restrictions affect hybrid work? Will extreme weather events continue to wreak widespread havoc? Will geopolitical conflicts cool—or will battles move to entirely new fronts? How and where threats appear, as well as where they overlap, will have far-reaching implications for global businesses.

“Every technology investment will need to be set off against its impact on the environment, keeping future generations in mind. ‘Sustainable by default’ as an objective requires sustainable technology,” says Gartner’s David Groombridge. In 2023, rapid response is the new baseline. Uncertainty is expected and complexity is compounding. As threats materialize on multiple fronts, organizations must reduce the time from insight to action.

Cover Story

Fighting A Crisis with Dedicated Purpose | Michael Coleman

The U.S. food security crisis is increasing with each passing day. Assessments propose 23 million people reside in so-called “food deserts”—mostly rural areas where there is little to no access to fresh food, and low-income neighborhoods with poor access to healthy food. The pandemic, which has ushered in over 50 million Americans encountering food insecurity, has demonstrated the drawback in the food system and supply chain resiliency.

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A Compassionate Leader | Ally Zahler

A critical quality that defines Ally Zahler’s leadership is her willingness to listen. Whether it’s the clients she serves, organizational partners, her board of directors, or her staff – Ally is always listening for the direst problems facing the people she serves and the best solutions. The innovative strategies she has implemented at The Reeb Center in the organization’s relatively short tenure have made it a standout among Central Ohio’s venerable non-profit peers.

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Enhancing Human Potential | Angela Cusack

Angela Cusack, Founder & CEO of Igniting Success®, is understated and patient. She moves quickly as she partners with executive leaders in shaping cultures that produce deeper connections, higher engagement, and overall well-being and prosperity for all involved. Angela is an impact player. Someone whom many refer to as their “organization’s secret weapon.”

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Bridging the Gap between Medical Transportation & Patient Care | Aristotle Ang

America West Medical Transportation, Inc. transformed from a small 2 vehicle operation, running 7 trips per day, to a 99-vehicle fleet with over 340 personnel over 10 years. This company averages 15,000 trips per month now. The scope of America West has expanded from being a linear patient transportation company to an ambulance company, which holds one of the most significant medical transportation contracts in Northern California for a multi-billion-dollar healthcare organization.

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Fostering Better Health| Bruce Foster

For Bruce Foster, CEO at New Teeth Now, quality is essential, and he makes it a point to encourage his team to deliver consistent quality. There is no comparing New Teeth Now to competition since they are poles apart, but New Teeth Now houses some of the dynamic specialists who have years of experience in providing only the best care. “Regarding the New Teeth Now brand, something my team has developed with our surgeon-owners, that’s a unique approach because it built many years ago around an expertise that was already here compared to the Johnny come lately competitors,” explains Bruce.

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Creating The Future Of Cannabis Medicine |  Craig Henderson

Craig Henderson, CEO of Extract Labs, is a force of nature. After serving in the Iraq war, where he faced plenty of combat and returned a decorated veteran, he got a Master’s in Engineering and landed a great job in the hemp industry. Being no stranger to adversity, Craig would eventually find himself at a crossroads brought on by the confluence of personal and professional undoing.

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Offering Excellence & Virtue |  Joshua D. Rogers

A forward thinker, Joshua D. Rogers is always focused on the future. His vision was to introduce a smart, sophisticated approach to investing and wealth building. Since founding Arete Wealth in 2007, he’s done just that. Joshua’s brought an endowment-style of asset allocation to a broader audience of investors. From hedge funds to bespoke investments, his dream was to bring a new perspective to investing.

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Leading with Purpose |  Lisa Dughi

NAF’s design ignites students’ passion for learning. It allows businesses to play an active role in shaping America’s future workforce by transforming the learning environment into STEM-infused career-specific curricula and experiential learning experiences, including internships. Since 1980, NAF has been partnering with high-need communities to improve student outcomes by implementing NAF academies – small learning communities within existing high schools.

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An Innovative leader |  Dr. Raffaele Luca Amalfi

Dr. Raffaele Luca Amalfi has earned various awards for his groundbreaking innovations in thermal management and advanced liquid cooling for data center and telecom markets. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of SEGUENTE, a global technology company that offers end-to-end liquid-cooled hardware platforms with integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) software solutions for the information and communications technologies (ICT) sector.

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Bringing A Change|  Shirley Wang

Shirley Wang has unwavering opinions and a strong vision for the design of Plastpro’s products and the standards to which they must be manufactured. She is an out-of-the-box but also efficient thinker, and this allows her to creatively devise viable solutions when it comes to meeting customers’ needs.

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