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Q3: Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2023 in the UK

The future will likely see a blend of remote and in-person work. The leaders who will excel are those who can establish a commanding presence even when they’re not physically present and understand the technology needed to get it all done. You should be able to influence, guide, and provide feedback as effectively from a Zoom call as you would in a boardroom.

“The most impactful moments in business often happen in the spaces we least expect (e.g., the offhand comment in a brainstorming session or the unexpected insight during a casual conversation or ad hock meeting). As we blend remote and in-person work, being a leader in 2024 means you’ve got to have a ‘Presence in Absence,” states Hunter McKinley, Founder at Backtrack.

The art of ‘presence in absence’ involves not just digital communication skills but also the more subtle nuances of leadership, such as the ability to listen, to inspire trust, and to maintain cohesion among team members who might be scattered across time zones.Here are some of the pioneering leaders who have been taking their companies to new heights with their innovative approaches.

Cover Story

A Different Approach to Leadership | James Constable

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage one’s emotions and those of others. Leaders with high emotional intelligence are more likely to create a positive work environment, inspire and engage their teams, and achieve better business results. James Constable, the CEO of Albany Beck, is a leader with incredibly high emotional intelligence and levels of empathy.

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Making A Difference | Deniz Bruce

Deniz Bruce is no ordinary leader. Her professional background is enriched with extensive experience in various pharmaceutical and medical device organisations, where she has held global leadership positions overseeing diverse product portfolios. Her expertise centres on strategic planning and execution within medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biologics.

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An Impeccable Creator | Jamie Lundy

When you meet Jamie Lundy, CEO of Seven Layer, his charisma and passion for the product is evident. This energy is contagious, and his vision for the brand inspires others to adopt the same mentality. Jamie is quietly confident, and his forward-thinking decision-making has allowed this brand to excel in a brief timeframe.

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Leading with Creativity & Resilience | Jamie Thomson

Jamie Thomson started a typical bootstrapped company with a simple idea and two employees, but it wasn’t an easy ride but rather a crash course in understanding one’s weaknesses. Through his experience, Jamie guides budding entrepreneurs and those around him, sharing his knowledge and story.

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Leading with a Clear Vision | Dr. John Dodd

Dr. John Dodd brings a clear, almost laser-like focus on improving people’s life outcomes—people and service users come first, and the organization must meet their needs—in a way that reflects his experience of working in children’s and cancer charities.

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Accept, Transform & Inspire | Julia Martin

Julia Martin has relentless energy and celebrates the benefits of her neurodiversity. She uses creative thinking and problem-solving to see the bigger picture and create smaller steps to realise those ambitions. She can fit double a normal workload into five days and motivate staff to achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

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Armed with A Dream to Transform the World | Manjula Basant Rai

A Chartered Accountant by profession and having worked close to two decades in the Finance sector, Manjula Basant Rai, Founder, and CEO of Spaanda, always felt something was missing and sometimes questioned the purpose of her journey. While at Tesco, she stumbled across sustainability by chance, and that was her light bulb moment.

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