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Q2: Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in 2023 UK  Edition

The current crisis has triggered a tsunami of challenges across many industries. Businesses have seen a large-scale drop in customer demand, while input costs, especially for energy, have skyrocketed. Combined with serious strains and breakdowns in supply chains, this has led many commentators to predict the end of globalization as we know it. Yet most CEOs are pushing back and embracing a positive, resilient approach.
While CEOs are currently very actively engaged in cost savings and troubleshooting, the majority report that they are planning for growth, or at least stability, and are gearing up for the post-crisis world (see Figure 2). Thirty percent plan to grow faster than the market; nearly three-quarters of whom will increase their investment in growth. Showing the widespread commitment to expansion, 40% of those who are planning cautious growth are increasing their growth investment, with 55% keeping it constant. Even one in five CEOs planning a defensive approach expect to invest more relative to the last three years. This sends a strong signal that the future belongs to those who act with courage now to shape their way forward.

Cover Story

A Strong Example of Great Women Leaders | Carol B. Tomé

In an article written by Carol B. Tomé, CEO of UPS for Harvard Business Review, she says:
When I decided to accept the role of chief executive officer of UPS, in the late winter of 2019, it seemed like a straightforward choice. Having recently retired from Home Depot after 24 years of service, nearly two decades of them as CFO, I wasn’t necessarily looking for a new job. But I’d been a UPS board director since 2003, and when the board started searching for a successor to the outgoing CEO, the directors created a leadership profile that matched my experience and skills.

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Encouraging to Dream | Dr. Elizabeth Harrison

Dr. Elizabeth Harrison has a proven track-record in enterprise turnarounds, business development, public affairs and organizational empowerment, with a focus in the last two decades on the healthcare sector. Elizabeth assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer at MetaSystems Group Inc. (MGI) on April 1, 2018. MGI is the Boston-based subsidiary of MetaSystems Hard and Software GmbH, located near Heidelberg, Germany. MGI provides automated imaging platforms, advanced workflow management and the use of artificial intelligence for image assessment for Cytogenetics, Digital Pathology, Toxicology, Biodosimetry and Microbiology applications.

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A Technology Redefining the Future | Dr. Hao Pang

Dr. Hao Pang, founder, and CEO of Quantum Science has worked in quantum dots (QDs) since graduating with a Ph.D. in materials chemistry in 2009. His first role in this field was as a research scientist, where he helped develop QD inks. During this time, he was also studying part-time for an MBA, after which he realised there was an untapped value in these materials that he spent hours in the lab daily.

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Psychology in Business | Helen Fisher

Helen Fisher is a business psychologist who specialises in helping organisations become more effective through their people. Described as logical and analytical, an ingenious thinker and long-range planner, and good at anything that requires rapid reasoning, Helen is direct, results-oriented and thorough. She is passionate about researching new subjects that capture her interest.

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An Ambitious Leader | Ian Talbot

Healix Health Services
“One of the promises I made myself, when I felt confident enough to lead, and a value that I cherish the most, is to genuinely question and understand the challenges either the business faces, an individual faces, or our clients face.”
Ian Talbot, CEO of Healix Health Services, stated this when asked about his dedication to his company, the employees, and customers.

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One Home at a Time | Ian Shapiro

Ian Shapiro joined Reall as CEO in early 2018 and found an organization ‘head down’ building homes for people on low incomes in Africa and Asia. He is driven by a passion that where you are born should not dictate your life chances and the recognition that poor people were being bypassed by the rapid urbanization in emerging economies.

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A Leader in Unrivalled Security | Joseph McGee

Following a distinguished Law Enforcement career Joe McGee founded The Securitatem Group to provide contemporary global operational specialist security and specialist security training products and services for private clients, corporate organisations, and Government bodies. They deliver a wide range of services, including complete end-to-end protection packages, close protection, residential security, protection drivers, and online and physical installations.

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The Brave Leader Surging towards Success | Krystn Macomber CP APMP Fellow, LEED AP

The tattoo on Krystn Macomber CP APMP Fellow, LEED AP, Co-Founder & CEO, Summit Strategy says, ‘Never Settle,’ and that is the attitude she has honed to be successful. Krystn is a healthy balance of resilience, determination, a growth mindset, and good humor. In addition, she tends to attract just the right amount of serendipity. Having dreamt of owning a business for over a decade, Krystn has never deterred from her path and followed her dreams to make them come true.

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Transforming the HR Dynamics | Lisa-Maree Blumenfeld

Lisa-Maree Blumenfeld, the founder of Retain, LLC, is an accomplished HR professional who has held many leadership roles for clients in a wide array of industries. Her vast experience spans from fast-moving startups to Fortune 500 companies.
“If you asked those who have worked with her to describe her, you’d hear words like: expert, trusted advisor, level headed, forward thinking, solution oriented, purposeful, dedicated, authentic,” explains Laurie, a Retain team member.

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Perpetua Investment Group A Man of Action | Mehdi El Jazouli

After more than a decade in the financial world, Mehdi El Jazouli, CEO of Perpetua Investment Group noticed that there are opportunities in the market with big potential of returns but considered at a large institution’s level, time consuming, humanly difficult to manage and regulatory challenging or simply just not scalable. “We took the institutional world and tried to bring it down to the level of companies that would not be noticed mainly because of their size and their slow processes,” he says. “We decided to focus on niche businesses, then scale them at their maximum to package the whole as one large investment business.”

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Changing the Dynamic on Diversity in Alternative Investments | Sasha Jensen

Sasha Jensen is the founder and CEO of Jensen Partners, a leading global executive search firm, and Jensen DiversityMetrics™, the enterprise software solution for workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion. As the woman at the helm of both organizations, Sasha is a leading expert on talent markets for capital raising and investment professionals across the alternative investment industry.

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The must have Travel App after lockdown| Tiff Burns

Tiff Burns, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LuckyTrip, and his brother wanted to build the absolute best travel product for the new generation of travelers. According to Tiff, younger people travel differently compared to older generations, for shorter durations, while on a strict budget, expecting unique instagrammable experiences and spending 4+ hours a day on their phones. “When you look at traditional online travel agents there’s so little differentiation out there. They’re boring, uninspiring and most of them have the same offering.

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