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Q1: Top 20 Dynamic European CEOs of 2024

Emotional intelligence becomes more critical as the demands for CEOs to engage in political hot-button topics mount. “You have to anticipate whether someone will have the instincts and the intestinal fortitude,” says Jane Stevenson, a vice chair at Korn Ferry who leads its global CEO succession practice. “The expectation of CEOs to take a stand—and to know when to take the stand and when to be quiet—is huge. It’s always been about who the person is. Now it’s who the person is, squared.”

The message is not to discount the value of leading the finance function but rather to supplement it with other responsibilities and C-suite roles. Bonnie Gwin, co-managing partner of the global CEO and board practice at Heidrick & Struggles, says there is demand “for CFOs who are strategic and have played really strategic thought partner roles with their CEO.”

As CEOs watch the changes unfolding in the global geopolitical order, all agree with the sentiment. What comes next? One thing is for sure: events have an uncanny way of defying the expectations of experts.

Cover Story

Offering A Home Away from Home | Sebastian Oviedo

Universities and colleges are under constant pressure to provide residential facilities that match the needs and expectations of modern students. However, with ever-changing student housing trends, building amenities that foster socialization, engagement, and academic excellence has proved hard to crack. But this already compelling list of challenges is further complicated by the emergence of COVID-19 in student housing and campuses worldwide.

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Safeguarding Survivors of Sexual Violence | Alex Feis-Bryce

The tragic reality is that in the UK, only a small proportion of people who experience sexual violence ever report it to the police, and of those who do, only a tiny proportion ever go to court. The latest figures show that only 1.5% of those cases reported to the police are prosecuted – this shames us as a society. People don’t report because prosecution and conviction rates are so low, and the whole process can be extremely invasive and traumatizing.

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Changing the Definition of Creativity | Anu Muurinen

Anu Muurinen, the CEO of Aamit Oy, is a senior digital leader with a wealth of experience in building and leading high-performing teams in the retail, consumer goods, and travel industries. She is a skilled communicator and collaborator, known for bringing out the best in her team members. Anu is passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive culture, which she believes is critical to fostering innovation and driving business success.

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A Unique Way to Learn English | David de Jager

David de Jager, CEO, Perfectly Spoken, has always had the vision to see how the language learning landscape would change. Following on from the market disruption machine learning apps caused by suddenly providing opportunities for everyone to learn a language on any device, the limitations of a classroom environment in an increasingly connected world also became clear – David foresaw the true future of language learning lay in offering a blended learning approach, keeping teachers at the heart of the learning experience

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Making A Difference | Deniz Bruce

Deniz Bruce is no ordinary leader. Her professional background is enriched with extensive experience in various pharmaceutical and medical device organisations, where she has held global leadership positions overseeing diverse product portfolios. Her expertise centres on strategic planning and execution within medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biologics. Throughout her career, Deniz has consistently demonstrated her ability to meet ambitious targets, excel in change management, and possess the essential skills to propel organisational strategies forward.

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Armed with an Unwavering Determination | Jose Arozarena

Jose Arozarena, the CEO of Amigo Tours, is a determined visionary leader who has transformed the company into a thriving hospitality and tourism business. His journey began at a young age when he started a small computer business and later worked as a DJ to save money for backpacking across Europe. A transformative trip to Australia opened his eyes to the potential of the hostel industry, and he returned to Mexico with the dream of opening his own world-class hostel.

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Harnessing Positive Energy | Munir Khalifa

Leaders should believe that hard work is the foundation of success because it can lead to improved results, personal growth, increased confidence, a sense of accomplishment, career advancement, and more tremendous success. Hard work can help people develop character, motivate themselves, overcome hardships, and achieve their goals. It can also help individuals develop new skills and abilities, leading to personal growth and development.

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A Radical yet Realistic Leader | Nick Isles

Nick Isles, CEO of Condé Nast College, has experience across a wide sweep of the education sector, including Further and Higher Education both in management and as a consultant. This has given him excellent instincts for policy and implementation, a rare grasp on the theoretical and the practical. Nick’s authentic leadership style, combined with his ability to lead and manage complexity, is one of the many reasons that make him such a successful CEO at Conde Nast College. Nick is an experienced writer, researcher, and consultant with over twenty years of engagement with organizations across the private, voluntary, and public sectors.

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Succeeding With Determination | Nikos Kontoyannis

In today’s time, leaders need to learn to adapt to changes because the world is constantly evolving, and businesses must keep up with the pace of change to remain competitive. Adaptable leaders can anticipate shifts in the market and adjust their strategies accordingly, which can help their organizations stay ahead of the curve. As the son of an Air Force officer constantly on the move, Nikos Kontoyannis, CEO of Apella S.A., was exposed to change often and learned to reset and adapt quickly.

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Inspiring with Energy & Enthusiasm | Steven Peleman

Apart from being the founder, Steven Peleman’s role within Triple Helix is best explained by describing his background and character. He is the engineering and business economics child of a professional trumpet player and a textile artist. He spent most of his childhood training, competing very hard as an alpine ski racer, and the remaining time working to pay for his unusual hobby (for a Belgian). Steven has a strange affinity for the not-so-obvious challenges few are willing to take on. With great tenacity and persistence, he manages to combine his creative skills with his analytical side to deliver on these demanding challenges with an inspiring enthusiasm and energy that causes others to join in.

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The must have Travel App after lockdown | Tiff Burns

Tiff Burns, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LuckyTrip, and his brother wanted to build the absolute best travel product for the new generation of travelers. According to Tiff, younger people travel differently compared to older generations, for shorter durations, while on a strict budget, expecting unique instagrammable experiences and spending 4+ hours a day on their phones. “When you look at traditional online travel agents there’s so little differentiation out there.

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