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Q1: Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in 2023

Culture is a fundamental aspect of any company. It’s often described along the lines of: the way people behave when you’re not watching them; the hidden patterns that exist in peoples’ behaviours and their interactions; the beliefs that people in the organisation hold about their roles. Culture develops as a result: of leadership; the history of the organisation; the market / sector in which the organisation belongs; the people within the organisation. However, culture is rarely curated with intention. In collaboration with the whole organisation, leaders can support a specific culture to emerge. The theme or focus of the culture can be hugely varied. From a culture of wellbeing to a culture of quality. From a culture of excellence to a culture of honesty. This focus on culture allows the organisation to become self-organising and achieve the overall mission with less reliance on leadership.

Cover Story

Breaking All Barriers | Rosalind Brewer

Rosalind (‘Roz”) Brewer became CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance in one of the largest waves – if not “the” largest” wave – of women appointed to Fortune CEO in the U.S. Her appointment was hailed as a huge breakthrough for women of color to the highest echelons of economic power and influence. Many hoped it heralded in many more appointments of women to the Fortune C-suite.

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A Strategic Pioneering Leader| Brandon C. Lorey

Although the phrase is perhaps a bit overused, Brandon C. Lorey, President, and CEO of Bank of Clarke County, is an out-of-the-box thinker, especially for the banking world. His high-energy approach keeps people engaged, and he is constantly challenging his team to choose right over easy when identifying and fixing problems.

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Providing Quality of Life| Dana Lasenby

Dana Lasenby is on a mission to inspire hope, empower people and strengthen communities. She is doing this by being part of Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN), a provider service network that assists approximately 27,000 Oakland County citizens at more than 300 service sites across the county.

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The Guardian Angel| Joel Anaya

Joel Anaya, CEO of OnView Integrated Solutions, has been instrumental in building the company from the ground up. His innovation and vision transformed the way the company has scaled its business. OnView is a security provider bringing proactive solutions specifically designed to deter suspicious behavior in real-time before the crime occurs.

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The True Healer| Judy Crane

The deep emotional injuries we receive on our journey through life often go unwitnessed and unacknowledged. The deep-rooted issues caused by these painful memories lead to a sense of disconnection from our bodies, impairing us from processing our true feelings.

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Leading with Big-picture Approach| Julie L. Butner

Julie Butner, President & CEO of Tarrant Area Food Bank, takes a big-picture approach to finding meaningful ways to impact. She envisions ways for Tarrant Area Food Bank to address current issues facing the community while positioning innovative solutions to develop future solutions to address food insecurity.

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Serving with an Honor Code| Laith R. Khoury

For Laith R. Khoury, CEO, Spartan Services & Consulting, honor code is extremely important. “Many companies neglect to incorporate an honor code. However, I was fortunate enough to attend Culver Academies by the good grace of my father, where they taught me one of the greatest codes which I motivate all my team to embrace—I will not lie, cheat, or steal; and I will discourage others from such actions—there is less money to be made in the short-term, but in the long run, an honor code will build a sustainable business,” describes Laith.

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A True Visionary| Steven L. Blue

Visionary leaders are driven and inspired by what a company can become. They are not bogged down with technical details, but they are big-picture people who intend to usher in new eras of innovation and development. Steven L. Blue, President & CEO of Miller Ingenuity, is one such leader.

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