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Q3: Top 20 Dynamic European CEOs of 2023

Leaders need to recognize that people want meaning in their lives, and their work. Previous research has found that companies with a strong sense of purpose outperform those that lack one. And those who say they live their purpose at work are simply better employees—more loyal, more likely to go the extra mile, and less likely to leave. Purpose helps companies recognize emerging opportunities and connect with their customers. This, too, should therefore be seen as a priority and a source of competitive advantage.

“The digital revolution isn’t just about technology; it’s about people. As we move deeper into web3 and the next phase of the internet, the definition of community, connection, and collaboration is changing at a rapid pace. In 2024, leaders who want to excel must look beyond traditional KPIs and engage with their teams on a fundamentally human level, using new technologies like immersive environments, Blockchain and AI to deepen and further humanize their interactions” offers Dani Van de Sande, Founder & CEO at ULO.WORLD.

Here are some of the pioneering leaders who have been taking their companies to new heights with their innovative approaches.

Cover Story

Fostering Growth and Success | Josef Gross

Having a growth mindset is an advantageous trait for business leaders. It means believing that they can develop strengths and that learning, and progress are just as important as effort. Leaders with a growth mindset can learn from setbacks, avoid distractions, and make substantial gains through hard work and dedication.

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Leading with Perseverance | Alin Ioanes

Alin Ioanes, CEO of SC Rombat SA, is a leader who inspires and motivates employees, creating a positive and high-performance culture within the organization. Essential for him is to possess strong leadership skills, provide guidance, set expectations, and empower the teams to excel. Communication is a crucial aspect of Alin’s approach; he cares a lot about communication in all its aspects, especially when he needs to articulate his vision and engage stakeholders at all levels.

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Bringing Security & Confidence to The Digital Society | Benoit Poletti

Determination is a key trait that separates influential leaders from ineffective ones. Without determination, plans, ideas, and goals will stagnate without the perseverance to make them come to life. Determination is about staying focused on a goal and pushing boundaries when faced with obstacles, giving direction and focus to everyone involved in the project.

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Preserving History Gracefully | Conor Coyne

Built as a breath-taking castle in 1868, Kylemore Abbey’s history is a truly remarkable one with an outstanding legacy, spanning 155 years in Connemara, from the construction of the Castle and Gardens to the arrival of the Benedictine Order over 100 years ago from war-torn Belgium to its establishment as a globally celebrated visitor attraction punctuating the stunning and ever-changing landscape of Connemara.

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South Cliff Dental Group | Dr Ashkan Pitchforth

“Some men see things as they are and say ‘Why?’, I dream things that never were and say ‘Why not?’”
Words to live by, as said by Dr. Ashkan Pitchforth, CEO of South Cliff Dental Group, who does not conform to what is standard or routine. Once a project is completed, it is forgotten, and he focuses on the future and the next idea.

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Changing the Market Dynamics with Innovation | Gerd Beilke

According to DW (Deutsche Welle radio), Germany’s most popular cooking oil comes from the seeds of a bright yellow flowering member of the Brassicaceae family. This clan also include mustard, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and turnips. Known as rapeseed oil, this light and delicate oil is widely used in cooking and baking far beyond the German border.

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Fostering Inclusion & Diversity | Kathryn Mason

Being open and transparent is an essential and intrinsic part of Kathryn Mason, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Rice Search Partners’, leadership style. This has resulted in an ongoing focus on diversity and inclusion within the company. In 2013 Rice Search Partners was predominately white, male, and privately educated.

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Leading with Empathy, Accountability, Resilience | Laura Bolger

Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson has found that a “psychologically safe work environment” – an environment in which teams feel free “to take risks, to express their ideas and concerns, [ask] questions, and to admit mistakes… without fear of negative consequences” – promotes team engagement and motivation.

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Succeeding With Determination | Nikos Kontoyannis

In today’s time, leaders need to learn to adapt to changes because the world is constantly evolving, and businesses must keep up with the pace of change to remain competitive. Adaptable leaders can anticipate shifts in the market and adjust their strategies accordingly, which can help their organizations stay ahead of the curve.

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Bravely Transforming the World | Roy Henderson

Roy Henderson’s background as a decorated combat officer in the South African Navy, together with his MBA, has given him the decisive leadership qualities to bravely lead Green Cell Technologies® (GCT®) from a start-up to where it is now, a successful global commercial entity. Razor sharp insight, coupled with a fair share of sheer bloody-mindedness and absolute belief in what he and co-founder Jan Vlok are doing, has kept them going and growing over the years.

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Vasco Jorge one of the Top 20 Dynamic European CEOs of 2023 | Vasco Jorge

LS Enterprises is an International Health Cluster, born in Portugal, which manages a diversified portfolio of businesses, with a particular focus on the distribution of pharmaceutical products at an international level, common denominator and starting point of the group, but which over the last decade has been diversifying and internationalizing, with emphasis on its operations in medical services, through its hospital unit in Portugal, which stands out for the reception of international patients, in an International Patient concept.

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