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Q4: Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2023

As the pandemic creeped into our lives so did numerous other challenges, which CEOs at the receiving end. The latest geopolitical tensions have started posing as a challenge for businesses—and their CEOs—unlike any they have ever faced, forcing an abrupt dislocation of how employees work, how customers behave, how supply chains function, and even what ultimately constitutes business performance.

Confronting this unique moment, CEOs have shifted how they lead in expedient and ingenious ways. The changes may have been birthed of necessity, but they have great potential beyond this crisis. In this article, we explore four shifts in how CEOs are leading that are also better ways to lead a company: unlocking bolder (“10x”) aspirations, elevating their “to be” list to the same level as “to do” in their operating models, fully embracing stakeholder capitalism, and harnessing the full power of their CEO peer networks. If they become permanent, these shifts hold the potential to thoroughly recalibrate the organization and how it operates, the company’s performance potential, and its relationship to critical constituents.Here are some CEOs who have made brilliant transformations in leading and also guiding.

Cover Story

A True Rockstar | Glenn Pacchiana

Glenn Pacchiana is a lifelong learner.
As the President & CEO of Thalle Industries and Corbet Scientific, this native New Yorker has the innate ability to evaluate market change in products and services in collaboration with his employees. His successful collaborations have allowed both of his companies to thrive.

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Helping People Achieve Their Dreams | Andrew Wallace

A true leader does more than manage others. They enable the individuals on their team to reach their highest potential. Andrew Wallace shows others the true meaning of success with inspiration and motivation by being a true leader. He is the pioneering representation of how leaders should work with their teams to achieve goals.

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Enhancing Human Potential | Angela Cusack

Angela Cusack, Founder & CEO of Igniting Success®, is understated and patient. She moves quickly as she partners with executive leaders in shaping cultures that produce deeper connections, higher engagement, and overall well-being and prosperity for all involved. Angela is an impact player. Someone whom many refer to as their “organization’s secret weapon.”

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A Strategic Pioneer | Anton Schneerson

Being a dynamic and forward-thinking leader has several advantages. Forward-thinking leaders prioritize a shared understanding of priorities and objectives and roadmaps for achieving them. They focus on the intangible aspects of their businesses, such as exceptional talent, leadership, and management teams. Dynamic leaders understand that we no longer live in a static world.

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Supporting & Advocating Development | Bonnie Carlson

Bonnie Carlson, President and CEO, has been with the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau for 33 years of service and has made significant contributions to the state’s travel industry. Bonnie has been at the forefront of the hospitality industry, crafting and supporting policies and initiatives promoting the sector at every level – local, state, national, and international.

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Leading with Positivity & Objectivity | Brandi Martin

Brandi Martin, President & CEO, InstaFab, has always been fascinated by leadership and the idea of positively impacting the world. Even as a child, she found herself naturally drawn to organizing and leading groups of people toward a common goal. Whether it was planning a game with friends or working on a school project, Brandi was always eager to take on a leadership role and make a difference.

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Connecting, Motivating, Inspiring | Christian Godoy

Christian Godoy believes in a quote—that can be translated into words of wisdom—by Tom Hanks,
“That too shall pass. There will be days when you have all the answers. However, that too shall pass. Moreover, there will be days when everything fails. But remember, that too shall pass.”
Christian, through his industry experience understands that to be a successful leader and motivator, one must connect, motivate, and inspire a sense of ownership of shared objectives.

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Taking Care of those Providing Care | Darcie Peacock

Darcie Peacock, CEO at Solace Pediatric Healthcare, started her career as a treating occupational therapist. She spent years going from home to home, working with children with disabilities and their families. As clinicians so often do, her car was her office and she shouldered the weight of each families’ struggles every night after work.

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Reviving the Construction Industry | Edward P Brady

Entrepreneurs are defined by their ability to attack problems with unique and creative solutions.. By adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, leaders of all kinds of enterprises build teams where innovation, even disruption, is rewarded. EdBrady, President & CEO of the Home Builders Institute (HBI), thinks like a start-up entrepreneur.

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Making Technology Excellent & Reliable | Fernando Murias

In today’s business environment, dynamic leadership has become a requirement for survival. The only thing constant now is change—and the pace of that change is accelerating at breakneck speeds.
Demographic shifts, cultural evolutions, and technological advancements have all contributed to workforce demands and business climates that require a new kind of leadership capable of creating dynamic cultures and businesses.

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